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About Springfree Trampoline

  1. Why is a Springfree Trampoline safer than other trampoline models?

    The Springfree Trampoline unique design features have eliminated 90% of product related trampoline injuries. Some of the features that make Springfree the world’s safest are:

    Mat rods- Springfree uses flexible rods to give a smooth, non-jarring bounce. The rods lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way.

    The SoftEdge™- Springfree has a soft edge, which is over 30 times more shock absorbent than the safety pads on a traditional trampoline.

    Hidden frame- Springfree Trampoline’s frame is well beneath the jumping surface so you can’t hit it.

    The FlexiNet™ safety enclosure- the patented Springfree Trampoline FlexiNet™ enclosure has flexible supports to cushion jumpers and prevent falls. The jumper is directed back to the centre and cannot make contact with the net rods. The net is also zippered to ensure jumpers cannot fall through the opening.

    Watch this video to see the Springfree Trampoline safe design in action:

  2. How does a Springfree Trampoline work?

    Springfree is a SoftEdge™ trampoline that uses strong, flexible composite rods in place of springs with a Flexinet™ enclosure that keeps the jumper from falling off the trampoline.

  3. Is a Springfree Trampoline as bouncy as a traditional trampoline?

    Springfree Trampoline provides a bounce similar to a traditional, spring-based trampoline in terms of how high you can jump.

    However, the feel of the bounce differs as Springfree Trampoline has a smooth, non-jarring bounce. The smoother bounce of a Springfree Trampoline is much gentler on knees and joints for the jumpers. Watch the “is it bouncy?” video

  4. How soft is the edge of a Springfree Trampoline?

    Springfree Trampoline’s SoftEdge™ is 30 times more shock absorbent then pads found on traditional trampolines.

  5. Why doesnt a Springfree Trampoline have pads around the edge?

    The Springfree Trampoline does not have safety pads around the edge because it doesnt need them. The SoftEdge™ itself has much more give in it than normal safety pads. In fact, the Springfree Trampoline edge is equivalent to the 70mm thick padding used on Olympic standard trampolines.

    Traditional trampolines require safety pads to protect the jumper from falling on the steel frame, falling through or getting caught in the springs. However, safety tests show that these pads do not absorb enough impact to sufficiently protect jumpers from contact with the springs and frame. Springfree Trampoline’s design has completely removed the springs and steel frame at jumping level, so there is no need for safety pads.

  6. Other trampolines have enclosures - what is different about the Springfree™ Trampoline enclosure?

    Springfree Trampoline’s FlexiNet™ enclosure is strong and fully flexible. It will cushion wayward jumpers and gently redirect them back to the center of the trampoline.
    Traditional trampolines may also have enclosures but they arent flexible and are held up with rigid steel poles which introduce another impact risk. Basic enclosures only stop jumpers falling off and jumpers end up landing on the springs and frame.

  7. Can a jumper hit the ground even though theres a net?

    Our FlexiNet™ enclosure system is designed to catch wayward jumpers and guide them safely back to the center of the mat.
    Even in cases where the FlexiNet is challenged by intentionally jumping into the top section of the enclosure, its key design characteristics will maintain jumper safety. It is possible for a skilled jumper to make the net flex to the ground but the FlexiNet will still absorb the jumpers impact and decrease the speed at which the jumper is lowered to the ground, minimizing the eventual impact.

  8. Can I have a Springfree Trampoline without the enclosure?

    While it is possible to install without the safety enclosure net, we do not recommend doing so.
    The FlexiNet™ enclosure is one of the most important safety components of the Springfree Trampoline. It is designed to gently guide jumpers back to the center of the trampoline and eliminates the risk of them falling off to the ground.
    For more information about the safety enclosure net of your Springfree Trampoline, check out this short video:

  9. Do the Springfree Trampoline rods twist?

    Springfree Trampolines dont have any twisting action from the composite rods, it is lateral movement. For a more detailed description, check out this video:

  10. Why do you recommend only one child jump on the trampoline at a time?

    While the Springfree Trampoline has eliminated 90% of product-related injuries from traditional trampolines, trampoline injuries can also occur from jumper collisions if more than one person jumps at a time.
    To ensure your family avoids injury altogether, we highly recommend enforcing the ‘one at a time rule’ when jumping on the Springfree Trampoline.

  11. How much weight can a Springfree Trampoline take?

    To understand how strong a Springfree Trampoline is, there are two weights you need to be aware of - the Structural Load Capacity and the Maximum User Weight. The first relates to strength and the second relates to safety.
    The Structural Load Capacity is the amount of static weight a trampoline can hold. A Springfree is strong enough to hold more than this weight, but this limit allows for a safe margin before the mat will touch the ground.
    The Maximum User Weight is based on how heavy you are and how high you jump. It is about ensuring jumpers don’t ‘bottom out’ (touch the ground while jumping).

    Springfree ModelStructural Load CapacityMaximum User Weight
    R79 Medium Round500kgs (1100lbs)100kgs (220lbs)
    O92 Large Oval500kgs (1100lbs)100kgs (220lbs)
    S113 Large Square500kgs (1100lbs)100kgs (220lbs)
    S155 Jumbo Square500kgs (1100lbs)100kgs (220lbs)

  12. Is the Springfree Trampoline weather-resistant? Can it stay up through all seasons?

    All components of the Springfree Trampoline are weather-resistant, including UV stabilized mat and net rods, a galvanized and powder-coated steel frame and a UV stabilized polypropylene mat and safety enclosure.
    Your Springfree Trampoline can be used all year and does not need to be covered or packed away even during the harshest summers or the coldest winters.

  13. Where is Springfree Trampoline made?

    When developing the Springfree Trampoline, our engineers sourced the world for the best quality materials and components. Our thinking was that if you’ve got the best design in the history of trampolines, then you require the best materials to do it justice and to give it the longevity so many other trampolines fail to achieve.
    This quick video will tell you all about where the Springfree Trampoline comes from:

  14. Are the plastic covers necessary on the mat and net rods?

    Yes. The high performance rods on a Springfree Trampoline are housed in light plastic sheaths that protect the composite rods from UV deterioration. These sheaths may deteriorate over long periods of time as they take the full force of UV exposure but they can be replaced. For further information, please contact Customer Care at .

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Choosing a Springfree Trampoline

  1. How much space do I need around a Springfree Trampoline?

    The required yard space is important for safety. The Canadian Standards recommends a minimum of 1.25 meters clearance around the perimeter of the trampoline, away from walls, structures, fences and other play areas.

    Minimum space required to set up each model:

    Springfree ModelTrampoline SizeMinimum Space Required
    R79 Medium Round10ft diameter18ft x 18ft
    O92 Large Oval8ft x 13ft16ft x 21ft
    S113 Large Square11ft x 11ft19ft x 19ft
    S155 Jumbo Square13ft x 13ft21ft x 21ft

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Buying a Springfree Trampoline

  1. How do I purchase a Springfree Trampoline?

    Usted puede comprar un Trampolín Springfree en línea desde este sitio web en línea o llamando al (011) 0000-0000.

  2. How is the trampoline delivered?

    Se realizan envíos a todo el país.

  3. Where and when will you ship my order?

    Hacemos entregas a todas las direcciones dentro de Argentina. No podemos hacer entregas en Casillas de Correo. Para solicitar envíos especiales, por favor póngase en contacto con nuestro Equipo Atención al Cliente Springfree Trampoline, despachará su producto dentro de los tres días hábiles posteriores a la recepción del pago de su orden. Todos los productos son despachados en 1 a 3 cajas. Para los pedidos hechos en feriados, los tiempos estimados de entrega pueden variar y no podemos asegurarle cuanto demorarán. Springfree se compromete a satisfacer y despachar todos los pedidos hechos online, sin embargo, una vez que los pedidos han sido despachados, no podemos garantizar la entrega en el caso de impedimentos relacionados con terceros que brindan los servicios de Courier y que puedan interferir con la entrega del pedido.

    For holiday orders, estimated transit times may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Springfree is committed to fulfilling and shipping all online orders, however, once orders are shipped, delivery cannot be guaranteed in the event of any 3rd party courier impediments that may restrict the delivery of the order.

  4. Is my personal information handled securely?

    You can order securely and with confidence from Springfree Trampoline. Our privacy policy outlines our full privacy protection commitment. We confirm we do not store any credit card information, and confirm we look after your personal details with care. No details are provided to third party providers, outside of shipping information required to deliver your order.

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Owning a Springfree Trampoline

  1. How long is the warranty on a Springfree Trampoline?

    Los niños y las familias merecen un juego seguro, activo y al aire libre, y eso es exactamente lo que ofrece Springfree.

    Como líderes de la industria en seguridad, calidad e innovación, estamos orgullosos de ofrecer una garantía de clase mundial en toda la cama elástica. A diferencia de otras garantías de camas elásticas que cubren partes específicas, nuestra garantía de 10 años cubre toda la cama elástica. De la red al marco y la lona, estamos aquí para ustedes. ¡Es nuestra garantía de "años de diversión"!

    Springfree Trampoline garantiza que sus productos están libres de defectos en materiales y mano de obra en condiciones normales de uso y servicio doméstico que no incluyen desgaste general, quemaduras, cortes o trabas.

  2. What does the Springfree Trampoline warranty cover?

    Springfree Trampoline está garantizado contra defectos originales en materiales y mano de obra bajo condiciones normales de uso y recreación. Nuestra garantía integral cubre fallas de fabricación, pero no se aplica al desgaste general.

  3. Will someone come and install the Springfree Trampoline?

    Springfree is pleased to offer installation services in numerous cities. However, there are some areas we are not able to service. Please contact our customer care team at (011) 0000-0000 o to see if you are eligible for installation. If installation is not available in your area, we recommend you view the resources available at where installation tips and videos are available for your viewing.

  4. How long will it take to install a Springfree Trampoline?

    For first time assembly, we recommend allowing 2 people about 2-3 hours to install a Springfree Trampoline. Our installation videos should give you an idea of what is involved in the installation

    Additionally, installation services may be available to you depending on your location. Please contact our Customer Care Center to learn more.

  5. Does a Springfree Trampoline require any maintenance or cleaning?

    We recommend regular visual inspections of your Springfree Trampoline to ensure everything is as it should be. We also advise removing any leaves, debris or snow from the trampoline.
    Be aware that some cleaning products contain harsh and abrasive chemicals, which can cause damage to your trampoline. For best care of your Springfree Trampoline use a mild dishwashing detergent.

  6. Are spare parts available?

    Springfree is pleased to offer a full complement of replacement parts available for purchase. Please contact our Customer Care Team at (011) 0000-0000 to place an order. o

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